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We are very proud of our achievements  in PE and Sport, especially being such a small school. We ensure our children have a minimum of two hours per week of the highest quality PE teaching and also partake in the daily mile - 15 minutes exercise every day!

When the children run, skip or jog the dialy mile they log their laps. 5 3/4 laps = 1 mile.  They can then earn a rainbow of medals:

Red Medal = 1/2 Marathon

Orange Medal = Full Marathon

Yellow Medal = 100 Miles

Green Medal = 250 Miles

Blue Medal = 500 Miles

Purple Medal = 1000 Miles

Our aim is for every child to have a ran a thousand miles before they leave us in Year 6!


We take part in many tournaments and competitions and are beginning to receive some medals and trophies to show for it! As a school we participate fully in sporting fixtures in our local area and belong to the Brockington Family of schools PE network and the Blaby District Sports League. This ensures that we meet and play all the primary schools in our area, and we all  have the same opportunities to take part in a huge variety of sport. We also enter the local Blaby football league and were so successful at cross country running that 2 of our pupils were chosen to represent the district . We work closely with the PE staff at our secondary feeder schools, and often see ex Croft children representing them at school level and above.