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Mrs Roberts - Headteacher, DSL, Teaching and Learning, Assessment, Geography.

Hello and thank you for visiting our school website.


I am very proud to be the Head Teacher of Croft C of E Primary School. It is such a delightful school working in the caring community of Croft. Our pupils are kind, caring and have a thirst for learning. All of our staff are all committed to ensuring that the children have the best possible start to their education by building strong relationships not only with the children but our families too. Our parents are supportive and engage brilliantly with everything we do. The Governors are a talented, hard working bunch of people who ask me all the right questions and put the children at the heart of everything.

The community have welcomed me into the fold and offered their support and services at every turn.  To all of you I would like to say a huge THANK YOU!


Many schools claim to have a family feel, but Croft C of E Primary is genuinely living that every single day. From our family lunchtimes, where the older children serve the younger children after our school prayer  to the way the children all know each others names and play happily together whichever year group they are in.


We encourage our children to know the school core Christian and British values and to demonstrate them in everything they do. This has been inspirational, all of the children join in with charity events, often thinking of the idea, setting it up and running them by themselves. I feel privileged to have such compassionate and caring pupils at the school.


We have fun and we work hard and this is shown by the results and the happy faces and welcoming atmosphere throughout our school.


If you want to know more about anything at our lovely school please contact us, I operate an open door policy and the welcome is always warm.