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Mrs Patel - Rainbow Class Childcare and Education Leader

Since 2015, I have been the Childcare and Education Leader in Rainbow Class. I cherish my role, and am proud to be part of such a fantastic and dedicated team. My background is in Montessori  education, and whilst training to become a qualified Montessori Early Years teacher, I had the opportunity to work in settings in Zambia and South Africa.  Later in my career, I went on to completing  a degree in Early Childhood Education, and gaining my Early Years Professional Status.


I am passionate about Early Years and really enjoy working in Rainbow Class. My main focus is ensuring that the little ones we work with have the best possible start in the first phase of their educational journey.


I truly believe  Rainbow Class is a fun and vibrant environment, and the learning opportunities are abundant. We work with such an amazing group of children who are so eager to learn.


If you have any queries about our provision, please feel free to contact me.