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All mums and grans of Cookie children are invited in to play games with us at 1.15 on Friday 9th March, then there will be a whole school assembly at 2.30. We’d love to see you!

World Book Day

Our visit to church. We looked for Christian symbols and found out why it was such a special place. A big thank you to Claire who hosted us.

Cook Class enjoyed their well deserved marble treat - a Wheelie Party! Followed by tasty pancakes, yum!

Srping term 1 2018

Bon voyage! Look at all our passengers in their finery! We’ll write to you when we get to New York!

The RMS Titanic sets sail for New York at 9am sharp! Don’t forget to dress in your finest Edwardian garb!

Eggstonaut Challenge!

Cook Class held an Eggstronaut Challenge
We designed landing capsules for the Eggstronauts
There were only a few fatalities!

Important work is taking place in our space rocket.

Rocket building

We designed and built straw rockets.
We learnt that to fly them we had to apply a force
We blew down the straw to launch them.
Aren't they awesome?

Ronald Dahl day

Our costumes were scrumdiddliumptious!
We designed sweet wrappers.
Our creations looked dahlicious!

Destination Outer Space - our trip to the Space Centre

We played parachute games and joined in some songs
We had a go on a robot.
The mad professor!
Loading up the rocket.
Mining on Mars.
Designing a rocket.
Mission control.
Stories with Astronuat Will.
We met the Clangers!
Making our rockets.
Blast off!
Yuri Gagarin
Helen Sharman
Space capsule
Soyuz ISS

Visiting St Michal and All Angels

On Tuesday we walked to the church.
We found the font and learnt what it was used for.
We listened to Rev Sharon talk about Communion.
Mr Whittaker showed us how to ring the church bell

Gardening with Grandparents

A big THANK YOU to all of our grandparents!
Together we weeded and planted our garden plots.
We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you all!
We found plenty of mini-beasts!

Our Spring 2 Topic Maps

Harold and Harriet - Life Education Bus

Harriet came to tell about our amazing bodies!
We met her friend Harold the Giraffe.
We did some exercise to get our hearts pumping!
Then we had a little nap - we need sleep to grow!
We cheered Harold up because he felt sad.
Then we gave him a goodbye cuddle!

Leading the singing in assembly

I'm so proud of these two!
They've come on so far this last year!

We are learning about Light and Dark.

What we did last week

This term we will be learning.....

I love my job!


Look how many wow! moments we have collected!

Healthy eating

Our Year 1s preparing a healthy snack
Mini chef
Mini chef 2
Bon appetit!
Our compliments to the chefs!

What we did this week...

Outdoor learning in the Enchanted Wood

We spend a lot of time in the Enchanted Wood.
We love exploring.
We discover lots of things.
We made mini collages.
We hunted for 'caterpillars'.
We went on a Treasure Hunt.

Harvest at Church 23.09.16

Operation Mushy Peas

We used tweezers to capture the Evil Peas.
Then we mashed them to smithereens!

Those pesky Evil Peas!

We found our classroom had been taken over!
We spotted the Evil Peas everywhere!
You can't hide from us!
Found you!

We decided to call on Supertato to help us!

We made our own Supertatoes.
We made them from potatoes and pipe cleaners.
We created an outfit for them using felt and tape.
We gave them googly eyes...
...big cheesy grins...
and wrote a big S on their belt buckles!

More veggie mayhem in Cook Class

Chaos in Cook Class!

Fruit and vegetables had been captured.
Poor Mr Cucumber!
Oh no!
Who's this?
"Help us!" the veggies cried!
Monday 19th September. This morning, Cook Class came in to discover that there had been some terrible goings on over the weekend! Fruit and vegetables had suffered torment and torture, even death! And the culprits had even had the nerve to play on our marble run before they left! Who could have done such a terrible thing? Watch this space...

"For the free man, there should be no element of slavery in learning. Enforced exercise may benefit the body, but enforced learning will not stay in the mind. Therefore avoid compulsion, and let your children's lessons take the form of play." Plato - 'The Republic'

What we did this week......

We had our first adventure in the Enchanted Wood. We used our Super Looking Eyes to find tiny things.

We had our first class birthday. Joyeux anniversaire Amelie!

Visit from the School Nurses

We learned all about washing our hands.
We practised how to wash our hands.
All clean!

Visit from British gymnast Rob Payne

Still image for this video
Rob came to visit us here at Croft on Thursday 8th September. He wowed us all with his awesome acrobatics. He even got Mrs O'Dowd to help him in the Grande Finale!

Jungle Gym

Our first week in Cook Class

Queen's Birthday celebrations 10.06.16

We made crowns with our grown-ups.
They come in useful sometimes, you know!
Decorating Queenie cupcakes.
King for the day.
Pin the tail on the Corgi.
We helped recover the Queen's stolen jewels.
Although some of us didn't want to give them back!
Maypole dancing
In a bit of a tangle!
Red, white and blue cakes!
Birthday picnic

Cook Class Are Going On A Bear Hunt 27.05.16

What a beautiful day! We're not scared!
Through the swishy swashy grass...
Splish splosh through the river...
Squelch squelch through the thick, oozy mud...
Stumble trip through the forest...
The swirling whirling snowstorm...
Tiptoe through the cave to find...A BEAR!

Assembly 27.05.16

A big WELL DONE to all of Cook Class
Weren't they wonderful?
The Bear Family giving evidence.

The Baghdaddies Performance 26.05.16

We LOVED dancing to The Baghdaddies
We even got to join the band for a bit!
Everybody did the Zombie Conga.
They were AWESOME!!!

Visit from the School Nurses 25.05.16

They talked to us about looking after our teeth.
We know how to brush correctly now!

Gruffalo Trip 20.05.16

Cook and Jeffreys Classes went to Beaumanor.
We made Gruffalo portraits from natural resources.
Can you see the wart on the end of his nose?
We went for a stroll in the deep dark wood.
We thought we'd caught one, but it was only Mrs D!
We had to wade through a stream.
We found animal tracks.
The trees were watching us!
Could this be the Gruffalo den?
I think I saw something! This way!
Is that a Gruffalo after our lunch?
The children loved climbing trees!
We can see for miles up here!
What animal is that?
We discovered the animals hidden in the park.
No the snake can't come home with us!

Gardening with Grandparents 13.05.16

Cook Class wanted to prepare the vegetable beds.
But we needed help!
So we called in the experts!
It was hard work!
We learnt a lot from our expert!
Look closely. What can you see?
We discovered plenty of mini-beasts!
We even found some vegetables!
We're going to make a potato salad!
We had a brilliant time!
Thank you so much to all the Grandparents who came

Gruffalo story mapping

We drew out story maps of The Gruffalo.
This helps us retell the story to our friends.

Foxes Celebration Day

Little Miss Sunshine!
Cook Class were the C
Dilly Dong Sing-a-long!

Learning geographical skills in Cook Class

We set out for a walk round our locality.
We followed our route on a map.
We noted the things we saw.

Cook Class on the case.

A number of footprints were found at the scene.
Cook Class set to work measuring the footprints.
The Bear family were eliminated from the enquiries

Did you see the news?

Crime Scene Investigation

Three Bears Cottage was broken in to 17.04.16.
A chair had been broken and left outside.
DI Flanagan came to investigate.

Wheelie Party

Cook Class enjoyed their Marble Treat last Friday.
Cook Class enjoyed their Marble Treat last Friday.



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