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Christian Ethos

The commitment to the whole child is reflected in the school’s vision and motto. We strongly and firmly support the Church of England vision for education which is deeply Christian, serving the common good.


All aspects of school life are underpinned by the belief that God loves everyone as an individual so we should love and respect others and love ourselves as God loves us.

The Christian ethos is about what we do rather than what we say, although faith is freely discussed and children have many opportunities to question and challenge their own views and those of others.

Respect for different cultures and beliefs is an intrinsic part of the Christian ethos and learning about other faiths is a vital part of the curriculum. Racism is not tolerated and children are taught to value and celebrate diversity and to be proud of who they are.


The Christian ethos is not so much something that is talked about as something that every child experiences everyday in ordinary school life. It is about the way they see others and themselves.


We hope that by being part of a caring, loving community they will grow in their understanding of their own beliefs, whatever they may be, and develop their own sense of self worth.

The principle that we are all loved by God for who we are underpins an emphasis on developing self esteem and on teaching children how to develop positive relationships and resolve conflicts peacefully.


For children who find relationships difficult or who lack self confidence,and have low self esteem, a learning mentor provides support individually or in small groups.  Every classroom has a prayer and reflection space which is used by the children alongside our outdoor peace garden and prayer labyrinth.


Children's successes are celebrated and shared, whilst also developing the view that we learn through our mistakes. They learn to forgive themselves as well as one other and learn to put things right when they get them wrong.